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The Raffy Turtle is one of several customized flavors created by The Plush Horse for Raffy’s Candy Store in New Lenox. Photos by Claudia Harmata/22nd Century Media
Co-owner Pam Rafalski pours 12 Flavor Bears ($3.49 per pound) into a bag.
Raffy’s Candy Store offers more than 200 kinds of sweets.
Claudia Harmata, Editorial Intern
12:22 pm CDT September 11, 2017

For those with a major sweet tooth, Raffy’s Candy Store has a fix for them all.

“There is just such a variety,” said Dave Rafalski, owner of Raffy’s Candy Store. “I would suggest that [people] go outside their norms. So, if there’s a person that always comes in ... try something new, because there’s so many different types of chocolates and gummies and candies that a lot of people haven’t tried.”