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Megan Johnston (left), her dog, Cali, and neighbor Samantha Hamilton pose for a picture together. Hamilton, who runs a baking business, held a cookie sale to help raise funds for Cali, who was hit by a car late last month. Photos by Amanda Stoll/22nd Century Media
Pictured is Cali at the animal hospital following the hit-and-run incident. Photo Submitted
Samantha Hamilton, who owns Sugar Shack Bakery, sold more than 200 cookies during the sale. All of the proceeds went toward the vet bills. Photo Submitted
Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor
4:27 pm CDT July 10, 2017
It was a normal day in the neighborhood when Megan Johnston went across the street to relax by her neighbors’ pool — until she heard a loud noise in the street. “We just heard this horrific thud sound and the dogs barking,” Johnston said.