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From the Editor

Take a closer look at Village haps this summer

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The Village Commons is a beautiful area in town, and the Village is taking full advantage of its space throughout the summer for people of all ages. 

With the vast changes it made in the winter with all the new lights...

Do you need to de-stress?

by Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Who’s to say what the most stressful time of the year is?

For many people it can be the holidays, or maybe it is when the school year is nearing its end.

While I enjoy the summer weather just as much...

Giving props to Atrium Family Dental

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

For those who can relate, remember a time when you had unbearable pain in your mouth, whether if it was because of an infection, wisdom teeth discomfort or any other issues? I remember before my wisdom teeth were pulled, I couldn’t...