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Letters to the Editor

The significance of voting ‘yes’ to the NLFPD referendum

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In response to a recent letter published in the March 1 edition of The Patriot questioning the upcoming referendum for the New Lenox Fire Protection District, I would like to address Mr. Fronek’s questions.

As of Dec....

Letter to the Editor: Vote 'No' for NLFPD referendum

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

A 55 percent tax increase? The New Lenox Fire District wants to raise our taxes with this tax increase referendum on the March 20, 2018 ballot. This increase is definitely not needed. The fire district ended their last tax year on Dec...

Letter to the Editor: Help the New Lenox Public Library shape its goals

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

As we wrap up 2017, I’m excited about where your library is headed in the next few years. The start of 2018 marks the end of a three-year strategic plan that was successfully completed with majority of goals accomplished far ahead of...