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Along U.S. Route 6, just past its intersection with Cedar Road in New Lenox, sits a house that many drive past on a daily basis.

When drivers sit at the stoplight waiting to board the on-ramp to Interstate 355, they may wonder how this house came to be, what its history is, or whether anyone lives inside.

Meredith Dobes

Senior prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most students, and one that Julie McGrath said she never thought she’d see her son experience.

A couple weeks ago, however, Ryan McGrath got the courage to ask Sydney Jankowski, a cheerleader at Lincoln-Way West High School and fellow classmate, to their senior prom.

The two talk regularly at school and don’t have any classes together, but they are in the same gym hour — which is where he asked her.

“It was a simple ‘will you go to prom with me?’” Ryan said.

James Sanchez

Making art with ink and skin might be the only type of creation one would expect to take place in a tattoo shop, but Mike Luera aims for his new studio in New Lenox to be much more than that — a place for artistic creation of all kinds.

Luera, who has 21 years of experience in tattooing, recently moved his shop, Sacred Art Studio, from Calumet City to 1921 Ferro Drive in New Lenox.

James Sanchez
Two New Lenox teenagers are dead and two others were injured after a vehicle they were in left the roadway and struck a tree early Tuesday morning, Sept. 4. The Will County Coroner’s office confirmed that Eric Zielinski, 18, and Heather Sturwold, 18, were pronounced dead following a collision near the intersection of Briggs Street and Spencer Road in Joliet.
Amanda Stoll

In small towns — places that lack the towering skyscrapers or highly concentrated city centers — little things can take on bigger roles.

An old barn and farm; a war memorial; a bandshell; a train station; a mom and pop store – in small towns, the people can make the smallest of things into a must-visit destination — sometimes, by nothing more than injecting their own emotions into it.

James Sanchez
A Springfield woman has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing a 22-year-old woman from New Lenox to death.
Meredith Dobes

When senior Morgan Schiller told her mother, Michelle, that she wanted to run for homecoming queen, Michelle said she was a bit nervous.

“There’s always the chance that you’re not going to win,” said Michelle Schiller, who said she wanted to make sure her daughter was prepared for whatever might happen — win or lose.

It provided her an opportunity to talk with Morgan about the possible outcomes, and Morgan persisted — making the decision to run for homecoming court her senior year at Lincoln-Way Central.

James Sanchez

The New Lenox Village Board unanimously passed an ordinance adopting an affordable housing plan for the Village at its April 27 meeting. This is in response to the passage of the Illinois Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act, which went into effect in 2004.

Meredith Dobes

Three people were arrested Friday, Sept. 30, after one allegedly took four guns from a New Lenox residence and sold them.

Police arrested Brian Rudnicki, Trenton Felkamp and Gianna Davenport after an investigation that stemmed from a Sept. 24 report of firearms theft from a residence in the 2400 block of Jackson Branch Drive, according to a press release issued Sept. 30 by the New Lenox Police Department.

James Sanchez

The New Lenox Police Department apprehended a suspect in the armed robbery of a New Lenox Walgreens, according to a news release issued Friday, March 13, by the NLPD.

Christopher Sanders, 41, of 1279 Edmonds Ave. in New Lenox, was charged with armed robbery and aggravated robbery after a police investigation, the news release said.

The armed robbery in question reportedly happened Feb. 1 at the Walgreens at 466 N. Nelson Road, where a suspect reportedly stole narcotics.

Danielle Tabor