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One patient in ICU at Silver Cross Hospital tested positive for COVID-19, according to an email sent by President/CEO Ruth Colby on Wednesday, March 18. 

The patient, a woman in her 50s, is currently in isolation.

In a separate email received Thursday, March 19, it states that Silver Cross has tested 44 patients to date, with 17 of those coming back negative. It is awaiting the results of 26 others, four of whom are inpatient. 

Sean Hastings

There are three confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New Lenox, Mayor Tim Baldermann announced in a Facebook video posted by the Village on Monday, March 30. 

One of the confirmed cases is a worker at a memory care center in town. 

"This now has hit our community personally," Baldermann said in the video. "You've heard of social distancing, physical distancing, all of the CDC guidelines and all of the health experts are saying that our best bet to being able to to control this virus, or at least flatten the curve, is to truly practice, physical distancing.

Sean Hastings

Lincolnway Special Recreation Association provided additional information March 18 about a situation involving one of its participants who tested positive for COVID-19 after taking part in three events in early March, in response to questions the organization said it has received since publicly addressing the situation March 16.

Sean Hastings

Two former employees of the Chicago White Sox were indicted for their alleged involvement in fraudulently selling thousands of tickets to White Sox games, according to a press release issued Jan. 31 by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois on Jan. 31.

Sean Hastings

Along U.S. Route 6, just past its intersection with Cedar Road in New Lenox, sits a house that many drive past on a daily basis.

When drivers sit at the stoplight waiting to board the on-ramp to Interstate 355, they may wonder how this house came to be, what its history is, or whether anyone lives inside.

Meredith Dobes
The body of Charlie Cooper, the missing New Lenox 15-year-old who was struck by a Metra train May 22, was found the afternoon of Saturday, May 25, Metra spokesperson Katie Dahlstrom confirmed.
Sean Hastings
A second teen involved in a fatal train accident has been identified as Charlie Cooper, 15, from New Lenox, according to members of his family.
Sean Hastings

Senior prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most students, and one that Julie McGrath said she never thought she’d see her son experience.

A couple weeks ago, however, Ryan McGrath got the courage to ask Sydney Jankowski, a cheerleader at Lincoln-Way West High School and fellow classmate, to their senior prom.

The two talk regularly at school and don’t have any classes together, but they are in the same gym hour — which is where he asked her.

“It was a simple ‘will you go to prom with me?’” Ryan said.

James Sanchez

New Lenox residents have known for nearly a month that ZZ Top is one of the headliners for the Triple Play Concert Series this summer after the band released its tour dates, which included a stop in the Commons on July 3. 

Sean Hastings

All Brett Dobczyk, 17, a Lincoln-Way West student, was trying to do was fix a flat tire on his truck.

And while a horrific accident may have started this particular story, something much more picturesque came from it — the strength that can come from family, the heroics of friends, and the generosity of a community.

“It’s kind of like you don’t really realize how many people care for you until something bad happens to you,” Brett said.

The incident 

James Sanchez