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New Lenox native Ron Dyrcz works on a project at his home. He turned his welding and woodworking hobby into a business called Ronders. Megan Schuller/22nd Century Media
New Lenox native Ron Dyrcz sets aside long pieces of pine and cherry trees so they can dry out for one of his woodworking projects. Photos by Megan Schuller/22nd Century Media
Pictured is one of many projects he has completed.
Pictured is another one of his completed projects.
Megan Schuller, Freelance Reporter
4:16 pm CDT September 10, 2018
Blue sparks illuminated the workshop of local craftsman Ron Dyrcz as he welded two pieces of metal together for a project. The bright reflection of the weld flickered on the front shield of his welding helmet and faded to black once the metal was joined. He reclaims discarded lumber and scrap metal, giving new life to the supplies as furniture pieces.