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The Dish: Cacao Cafe serves up Latin dishes, pastries and drinks

by Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Making chocolate is a process that takes a not-so-extraordinary bean, the cacao bean, and turns it into something delicious.

The transformation takes the bitter, earthy seed and ­— after a long process of roasting and...

The Dish: Steerhogs becomes BBQ excellence through habit

by TJ Kremer III, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle developed his virtue ethics. Key to this philosophy was the idea that excellence is a habit and, therefore, must be practiced regularly to achieve what the Greeks called arete.


The Dish: Cooper’s Hawk brings upscale cooking, abundance of wine to New Lenox

by James Sanchez, Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Cooper’s Hawk recently opened its 11th Chicago-area location in New Lenox, only 14 miles apart from its first location in Orland Park. 

Ed Hammer, general manager of the New Lenox location, said people thought it was...