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From the Editor

Feelin’ fall, so long summer

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Fall by far is my favorite season of the year.

I no longer have to worry about feeling all the heat and humidity, and being all sweaty from those muggy days. And fall is still warm enough to wear a T-shirt out and not...

Missing out while on our phones

by Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Modern technology provides us all with great tools. I use some form of it every single day both at work and at home.

But how much is too much?

This past week I’ve been noticing, more than usual, how...

My midseason sports report comes with several surprises

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

A team with only 17 seniors on its 49-man varsity roster starting a football season 4-0 is unthinkable to me, but that’s what Providence did to start the season. That’s the first thing that comes to mind as I think of the landscape of...