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From the Editor

From the Editor: Start seeing the ‘able’ and not the ‘label’

by Sean Hastings, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I have had the chance to cover a few amazing events over the last three weeks. I covered the Cop on a Rooftop, I talked to New Lenox resident Nick Winter about the documentary he made about his brother with autism and most recently I...

From the Chief Marketing Officer: This one’s for the girls

by Heather Warthen, Chief Events Officer Opinion, From the Editor

Five reasons you should spend your Thursday nights with us

After we saw a record attendance at our Lady - A Women’s Expo event in 2018 of more than 1,500 attendees, we knew we could do female-focused events...

From the editor: Be thankful for the past, embrace what lies ahead

by Sean Hastings, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I watched my sisters graduate from Lincoln-Way West Wednesday, May 22, and three years before that, I watched my brother get his diploma, and two years before that, I walked across that stage. 

Time has flown by. I’ve...