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From the Editor

Knights girls golf deserves Woods-like support

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Although I grew up watching Michael Jordan, I cannot say he’s the greatest athlete I’ve watched in my lifetime. 

I was born in 1987, three years after he was drafted. I was around the preschool age during the Bulls’...

The problem with ‘fake news’

by Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I hate the term “fake news,” as I would guess most journalists do.

It undermines the entire journalistic community, while carelessly throwing around a term that should have serious implications.


Proud American Days will soon be underway

by James Sanchez, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Local fairs are always outstanding. There’s something there for everyone, from the food, carnival games, rides, live music and beer garden.

Where I live in Willowbrook, we’ve never had an annual fair, but in the next...