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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: R.I.P. to our innocent dog Jack

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Dear editor,

Jackson was a happy dog, greeting the day with a dance despite arthritic hips. Jack loved people, especially kids, and the kids loved him back. “Is it a tiger?” “No, he’s a retired racing greyhound. He has...

Letter to Editor: Thanks, New Lenox voters

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Dear Voters,

All the ballots have been counted, and while we came up just more than 100 votes short, we ran a strong, competitive race. For all of the voters that supported my candidacy, you have inspired me. I had the...

Letter to the Editor: Kneeling Santa

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

Two of my favorite holiday decorations are a banner and a statue of Santa kneeling by a manger of the Baby Jesus. It makes me believe even Santa knew “The Reason for the Season.” With all of the ads for material items whether they were...