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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Kneeling Santa

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Two of my favorite holiday decorations are a banner and a statue of Santa kneeling by a manger of the Baby Jesus. It makes me believe even Santa knew “The Reason for the Season.” With all of the ads for material items whether they were...

Letter to the Editor: Residents share opinions why to vote 'No' and 'Yes' for NLFPD referendum

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Vote ‘No’ for tax increase

Most of us have seen the television ads blasting Mike Madigan for raising taxes by 25 percent and JB Pritzker for raising taxes by 32 percent. This is nothing compared to the...

Letter to the Editor: A final farewell

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With a saddened heart the Adair’s are leaving New Lenox. 

There was a tragedy in our family with the loss of our daughter-in-law down near Indianapolis. With our son raising three young ones, we decided that instead of...